Puzzle Tables

The first floor of the Cabot Science Library contains a wonderful assortment of puzzle tables that can be rearranged to support different collaboration styles. Eight possible configurations are provided below by our architects (click each image to enlarge or view all layouts).

Layout 1

Puzzle Table Layout 1 - three separate groups

Layout 2

Puzzle Table Layout 2 - 1 big group and 1 small group

Layout 3

Puzzle Table Straight Layout - all tables in rows

Layout 4

Puzzle Table Layout 4 - 1 straight and 1 u shape
Layout 5

Puzzle Table Layout 5 - 2 groups

Layout 6

Puzzle Table Layout 6 - looks like an arrow​​​​​​​
Layout 7

Puzzle Table Layout 7 - three groups​​​​​​​
Layout 8

Puzzle Table Layout 8 - 3 groups​​​​​​​
To request a particular arrangement, please contact library staff at least three business days before your event.

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