A bank of self-service lockers are available for short-term daily usage. Each locker includes a power outlet and a USB slot to charge a variety of mobile devices. Lockers are located on the first floor close to the water fountain and rest rooms. 

*NOTE: Our security guard empties lockers daily at 9am, and moves any items found to the Lost and Found at the Ask Us! Desk on the lower level.* 

To Lock: Put items inside, close door and enter:

C + 4 digit code + <key symbol>

A flashing red light indicates that the lock is engaged.

To Unlock: Enter C + same 4 digit code + <key symbol>

Locker Policies:

  • Do not store food and drink. (Perishables will be discarded daily.)
  • For short-term, daily use only.
  • You need to remember your 4-digit code and locker location. (The Security Guard can assist with unusual situations.)
  • Use at your own risk. (Harvard Library does not take responsibility for theft or property damage.)

Questions and comments can be sent to


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