Instruction Room


Cabot Instruction Room (LL03)

Please see relevant policies.

The Instruction Room is designed for library instruction and staff development activities. The space supports active learning pedagogies and can be reserved up to one year ahead through a RoomBook mediated process.

The 24-seat instructional space on the lower level includes 3 projectors, 3 video cameras, an overhead camera and several movable displays. The furniture includes 12 tables and 24 chairs that can be arranged in several configurations. The room has 3 doors and a retractable glass wall that opens out into the nearby collaborative space. The retractable glass wall needs manual operation and staff will be happy to assist users on request.

The room supports creative pedagogies, and can provide both basic and advanced functionality, including video-recording of in-room activities from three perspectives. Please see Instruction Room Floor Plan (PDF) for details.

The operating system for the Instruction Room supports input from several sources:

  1. Built-in PC (located in AV Closet on lower level) (Dell OptiPlex 7040 Small Form Factor)
  2. User-provided laptop (Mac or PC)
  3. Ceiling-mounted document camera 
  4. Portable document camera 
  5. Wireless access from phones, tablets, and laptops

It allows output to one or more of several displays:

  1. Large display on narrow wall 
  2. Left display on wide wall 
  3. Right display on wide wall 
  4. Up to five portable display screens called Air Media Carts that support wireless display from tablets and phones.

Who can book: Harvard library staff


Use/Exceptions: Priority is given to library instruction and staff development; all exceptions must be approved.


Booking process: email with the following information:

  1. Primary and secondary contact

  2. Proposed Date and Time for the event

  3. Short description of the event

  4. Technical needs & setup requests


Support: A 10-minute training orientation is recommended prior to your event. If you need technical support throughout the event, this needs to be arranged in advance.


Technical Details:



  • 3 Projectors / screens
  • 6 Portable flat panels
  • 3 Video cameras
  • Ceiling mounted document camera
  • Portable tabletop document camera
  • Ceiling speakers
  • Ceiling microphones
  • Wired & wireless presenter microphones
  • Resident computer (Mac)
  • Multiple wired video connections (floor & wall)
  • Wireless video presentation (AirMedia)
  • Assistive listening system
  • Room scheduling screen


  • 12 Flip-top, nesting tables w/casters
  • 24 Stackable chairs w/casters
  • Glass marker boards
  • Movable lectern
  • Zoned, dimmable lighting
  • Movable glass wall

Details on Audio Visual Panel and Furniture Options