Test out the Microsoft Surface Studio at the Cabot Discovery Bar

Microsoft Surface Studio

The Cabot Library renovation introduced a number of versatile spaces available for use by the Harvard community. Unique among them is the Discovery Bar, a counter-height serpentine shaped table which visitors encounter as they enter the library on the main level opposite Clover. The Discovery Bar is the most public facing of the new spaces and its goal is to present speakers, digital and analog displays as well as new technology to engage our library’s patrons.

We have just placed a Microsoft 28" Surface Studio Multi-Touch All-in-One Desktop Computer on the Discovery Bar for your exploration and use. Users can interact with the computer through touch, using a stylus, or a mouse. Its screen is movable from the expected 90-degree angle to a 20-degree angle where it presents more as a drafting table. We also have a Surface Dial available to check out from the Access Services Desk to use with the Studio. Microsoft describes the Dial as a “completely new way to interact with technology and create in the most natural, immersive way.” The only limitation is that it does not work with all applications.

Library patrons are welcome to suggest new technology which they would like to try and or borrow through the Cabot Technology Lending Program